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For 2020 Citygate has adopted an enterprise approach to redistricting.  This approach means integrated tools are provided for every aspect of the redistricting process, from data development to final online publishing of maps. 

EDGE Professional Desktop Redistricting.  The autoBound EDGE desktop is the most advanced redistricting solution on the market.  It is a standalone application designed specifically for redistricting.  The user is not burdened with learning or maintaining a complex GIS application.  As a result, the software is not only easy to learn and use, but significantly simpler to install, and maintain. 

EDGE uses the latest mapping technology from ESRI.  The software comes with a choice of 11 base-maps which include a variety imagery, topographic and roads layers.  The software’s automated tools can recommend districts configurations based on user defined parameters.  EDGE analytics tools enable the user to simultaneously view demographic and political parameters for any level of geography with the results displayed in an Excel spreadsheet.

EDGE desktop tools are fully integrated with the EDGE online tools allowing for an unparalleled level of integration across the desktop and Internet based tools.

EDGE Web based Citizen Redistricting.  EDGE online redistricting tools were designed specifically for use by members of the public.  EDGE Citizen Redistricting also includes Plan Submission Management, allowing agencies to view and respond to submissions and set automated parameters for acceptance criteria.  For example, deviation must be within 10% before a plan can be submitted. 

EDGE Web based Plan Commenting.  EDGE also provides the option for public engagement through plan commenting.  Plans can be visualized online, and comments placed through a web browser.  Comments can be viewed in both the online and desktop redistricting tools. 

EDGE Plan Viewer and Who-is-my-legislator.  Once a plan is introduced as a bill, the EDGE Plan viewer can be used to view the plan and its demographics.  The plan viewer allows any number of plans to be compared with one another and viewed through a web browser. 

Adopted plan can be made available for search using the EDGE Who-is-my-legislator tools.  The software allows members of the public to type in their address and view who their various legislators are. 

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