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iRedistrict: Smart Redistricting with Powerful Optimization

iRedistrict® is an award-winning redistricting software with powerful optimization algorithms, intuitive user controls, easy editing interface, and customizable reporting. As a cost-effective and time-saving solution, iRedistrict® can dramatically save the workload and improve the outcome quality of redistricting projects. iRedistrict® excels in its capability to leverage user inputs (such as communities of interests, existing boundaries, etc.) and powerful computer algorithms, which can generate high-quality redistricting plans that meet both mandatory requirements and user- specified preferences.

iRedistrict® enhances the redistricting planning process by allowing the user to:

  • Flexibly choose and configure redistricting criteria
  • Quickly generate multiple high-quality plans that optimize the chosen criteria
  • Visually compare, edit, and manage redistricting plans
  • iRedistrict® supports the following criteria:
  • Population Equality
  • Enforce Contiguity
  • Shape Compactness
  • Preserve COI
  • Preserve Majority-Minority Zone
  • Respect Existing Boundaries (e.g. prior districts, administrative boundaries, etc.)
  • Partisan Fairness

iRedistrict® also supports the features below:

  • Export plans into ESRI Shapefile (.shp) and CSV file
  • Generate Configurable Reports
  • Save the redistricting project workspace.

iRedistrict® can be used for different redistricting projects such as political redistricting, school redistricting, fire department redistricting, police patrol delineation, traffic analysis zone (TAZ) delineation, service area delineation ( field work, sales, etc.), market planning, and more.

iRedistrict Online is a cloud-based redistricting service. In addition to the redistricting features provided by iRedistrict Desktop, the online edition allow users to share plans within the group, collaboratively create plans, publish plans, comment, and vote on the plans.

Online COI Collection is a cloud-based service that allow multiple users to draw COI collaboratively. When creating a new COI collection project, the administrator can choose the State, County or City as the COI boundary or draw a user-defined area as the COI boundary. Multiple users may draw COIs within this boundary.

Online Redistricting data integration is a cloud-based service that help users to get redistricting data easier.

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