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Esri Redistricting is a web-based software that enables governments, advocates, and citizens to complete and share regulation-compliant redistricting plans. Based on Esri’s proven ArcGIS software and dataset components, Esri Redistricting provides comprehensive tools for plan creation, management, visualization, editing, and collaboration.

A modern enterprise approach

Esri Redistricting is trusted, curated, and secure. The easy-to-use interface and simple workflow will usher you through the process.

Legislative requirements & judicial audits

Avoid common pitfalls. Use built-in tools to check compactness and allowable population deviation. Share pre-defined reports that meet legislative requirements.

Secure sharing & collaboration

Engage citizen participation via online maps. Use out-of-the-box redistricting and spatial analysis functions, sophisticated geocoding, and plan management tools.

Leverage existing GIS investments

No need to train your staff on a new system. Rely on the trusted and stable ArcGIS from Esri, the GIS market leader for more than 45 years.

Advances in GIS technology, and the improved transparency it brings, has opened the backrooms where politicians once picked their voters by drawing districts enhancing their re-election chances. Now, the public gets a say in redistricting. In this lesson, you’re an analyst dividing Maryland’s 24 counties (Baltimore is a county equivalent) into seven congressional districts. You’ll create a majority-minority district complying with federal election mandates. And you’ll share your proposals with coworkers before they’re released for public comment. (Before starting, you may want to review an accompanying story map explaining redistricting.)

Esri Redistricting is built on ArcGIS:

  • Provides a web-based environment for creating and sharing plans
  • Collaborate on plans and engage your communities 
  • Provide clarity in the redistricting process
  • Try it today: learn how to create plans now to get ready for next year

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