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Breakout Session

Redistricting: Nuts, Bolts and Policymaking

2:00 PM – 3:15 PM ET

What do legislators need to know to craft a redistricting bill, or at least to vote on one? What procedural options can still be undertaken before the mapmaking begins? What’s up with the census data, in terms of data quality and its timeline? Come for answers to these questions, and more.


Wendy Underhill
Group Director, NCSL Elections and Redistricting Program

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Ben Williams
Policy Specialist, NCSL Elections and Redistricting Program

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Frank Strigari
Ohio Senate

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Jeff Wice
Special Counsel, NY State Assembly

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Michelle Davis
Sr. Policy Analyst, Maryland Department of Legislative Services

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  • NCSL’s Into the Thicket: A Redistricting Starter Kit for Legislative Staff webpage
    For those who are thinking about the practicalities of redistricting, this webpage helps legislators and legislative staff gear up for the once-a-decade task of redistricting.
  • NCSL’s 50-State Overview of Redistricting Systems webpage
    This webpage summarizes redistricting systems methods processes in all 50 fifty states. It highlights legislatures and commissions and the roles they play.
  • NCSL’s Redistricting Criteria webpage
    When redistricting, state legislatures or redistricting commissions are provided certain criteria with which to draw the lines. This webpage contains state-by-state information on the criteria used to draw state legislative and congressional district boundaries.
  • NCSL’s 2020 Census Delays and the Impact on Redistricting webpage
    The Coronavirus (Covid-19) impacted the 2020 Census operations, and this webpage explores how a delay in the release of the P.L. 94-171 redistricting data would cause challenges for states as they prepare to conduct redistricting.
  • NCSL’s Differential Privacy for Census Data Explained to explain differential privacy and how this new method would impact census data while protecting data privacy and confidentiality.
  • NCSL’s Public Input and Redistricting webpage
    The public has become more aware of redistricting and the process. States have begun to incorporate opportunities for public input into their redistricting process and to be a part of this conversation.
  • NCSL’s Redistricting and the Supreme Court: Significant Cases webpage
    An overview of the most significant Supreme Court decisions on redistricting from the last five decades.
  • NCSL’s Redistricting Case Summaries | 2010-Present webpage
    An overview of redistricting cases from the last redistricting cycle.
  • NCSL’s Redistricting Law 2020 book
    NCSL’s most comprehensive redistricting resource includes chapters on 10 major legal topics related to redistricting.